But first, me

Photograph credit: Photos by Lanty at photosbylanty.com and https://unsplash.com/@photos_by_lanty

There will always be this last dish to wash, it’s ok. It means you or your loved one has had food to eat, recently, very recently, after your kitchen was recently cleared of all the dirty dishes. Be grateful.

There will always be hair and other debris on the floor after you’ve swept the floors of your home. It’s ok. It means you are alive, your hair is alive, your hair is falling and new ones are growing and taking their place. No disease is stripping your head of hair follicles. Be grateful.

There will always be the last of the dirty linen on the floor, waiting for the washer to be emptied, or waiting for your strength to be rejuvenated after you’ve done 2-3 prior loads of laundry. It’s ok. It means you can afford extra sets of linen, and a bed, and a home, to feel safe. Secure. Be grateful.

There will always be some food that is left in the back of the fridge shelf, going bad, growing things, being discovered too late. You had sworn you will use your grocery shopping items in their entirety. It’s ok. It means you enjoy the luxury of affording this to have happened. You are not in dire need of using the last of the food scraps to survive. Be grateful.

There will always be at least one pair of shoes in your home, as you enter, that someone else in your home has not put away on the rack. You start to mutter to yourself, or out aloud. It’s ok. Your loved one has returned home, is safe, and has the pleasure of wearing shoes, without having to walk bare-feet and being exposed to the elements. Be grateful.

There will always be the last of the mess to clear up, the last of the pillow to fluff, the last of the rug to vacuum, the last of the spider web to clear out, the last detail of the event to be evened out, the last of the errand to run on your way home, the last of the person to call and the last of the event to go to. But, there should never be you at the last of it all.

You should be first, your desire to read a book, your want to do a foot soak, your feeling of taking a lazy stroll through the woods, your craving to bite into that luscious chocolate cup cake, your impulse to buy that aromatherapy candle, your need to sleep in or sleep all day, and your choice of visiting that cafe, with the nice coffees and the scones, spend a solitary day, or a day with your person of choice. You never come last.