Photograph credit: Averie Woodard at and

Humans. Chaos. Universe is chaos. If left unchecked, we all start to vibrate around, like particles. Oscillating. Bouncing around. Here, there, everywhere. Hitting against this show, bouncing towards that food, rolling towards this social media feed, towards that negative thought, towards chaos. Energy dispersing around. Spread thin. Thin, crystallized sugar. Easily cracked. Eggshells. 

What about rolling yourself in a tubular shape? Like dough, to make cookies. Great smelling cookies. Yum. We can add Belgian chocolate chips to it. We can add walnuts to the dough, too. Or being razor sharp. Cutting through. All stereotypes and limiting beliefs, mostly of self. Straight towards your goal. Your happiness. Accumulating and condensing the energy. 

Rolling around, being confused. Directionless. Because we ought to be this way. Don’t judge yourself. That’s your natural state. To break the chaotic zone of your activity, need to gather all these oscillating atoms of yours. Collect them together, in one big cylinder. In a corner of a room. Talk to them, teach them discipline. Have a higher self direct and guide them. Find your higher voice. The true voice. The one which knows. Always knew. Is just lost, in the chaos of these chaotic vibrations. Find it. Start to pack these atoms tightly together. In one strong mass of driven energy. See the magic then. When this wrecking ball starts on its roll, it will destroy everything that dares come in its path, path towards the realization of your goal or actualization of your dream. Get your wrecking ball up and coming, rolling, fast, unstoppable. You’ll see all your excuses disappear. All judgmental people get quiet. All your skills and talents willing to get enhanced. No brakes. You’ll hardly be able to sleep with the urge to keep moving forward.