I get depressed, I get hyper, I get anxious, I get angry, I get hangry, I get lonely, I get happy, I get bitter, I get vindictive, I get all warm and fuzzy, and I get deeply, deeply inspired to write, when I get an intense case of one of the above. My written words express better than my tongue. I cannot hold deep, meaningful conversations, usually, without making some kind of skeleton notes, as without them, I get anxious that I’ll forget to make this point when the other person makes that point, etc. It can become challenging at times for the best of us to express ourselves. At times, analogies come to me when I’m trying to muse about something with an attempt to explain it better. I am sharing such pieces to (1) Empty out my load so I don’t have to carry it in my to do list and (2) Maybe inspire you to better express yourself if you’re struggling with that, just like me.

So, you’re welcome to go through my musings and I hope you find amusement by reading them, at the least.