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I am aligning, more, continuously, to myself. By ruthlessly cutting out, not associating with people, not participating in events, who, which, serve no purpose to my alignment, or, worse, who counter it. Shamelessly. At the cost of relationships. By honouring my mental space, shamelessly. By being not embarrassed of my absence at events or gatherings, which have no meaning to me or my priorities. At the cost of breaking societal norms. Supporting causes that ring true to my heart. Being shameless of my presence then. Owning up to my shortcomings, openly, shamelessly. Not discounting, hiding, or suppressing them. Acknowledging them, giving them space, to be heard, at least, to consider them, to be able to take the next step of changing them, for the better, or accepting them completely, and welcoming it as a true part of my personality. Not shying away from it. Knowing that I am a work in progress. Not feeling belittled for choosing my choices by people with opinions against them, the critics. Listening to them with an open, kind ear. Trying, at least, to do just that. ACTUALLY not giving a fuck about who thinks what about me, in front of me, or behind me. Accepting that that is perfectly normal, and ok. Liking that, in fact. That I am going in the right direction, following my heart, and distressing some people in the process. Sticking it out, be it my preference to not drink, not smoke, refuse that plastic container, carry that metal straw and being addressed as “extra”, not eat at 12 am, or rather, beyond 8 pm, sticking to my choice of not using phone on the dining table or at bed time, trying to be ok with people taking me as stuck up, the one with the planner/diary, or agenda, the one who likes to follow rules. Accepting that internal dilemmas are ok, trying to be patient with them, so that I can eventually decide which side I am on. Being extremely selective of who gets my time, attention and resources, and when, how often. Going with my vibe, and discovering things working out, or not. Honouring the outcomes, and my decisions. Doing things true to my heart and knowing that the right people will love me, and the wrong ones will leave. Being ok with it.

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