Balanced life

Photograph credit: Nathan Dumlao at

This careful-walk-on-the-rope kind of existence. Balancing forever. Balancing words, balancing actions. Life, work. Spouse, blood. Adventure, stagnancy. Chores, pampers. Emotions, duty. Creativity, money-making. Health, gluttony. Glamour, self-confidence. Solitude, formalities…. Exhausted. Nauseous. Overwhelmed. Done. Confused. Lost. Unsure. Reckless. Laid back. Withdrawn. Depressed. Renewed. Refreshed. Bloomed. Chirpy. Booming. Jumping. Burning. Exhausted…. Crazy? Yea. Exciting? At times. Worth it? Who knows. Roller coaster of a life. Always twisting and turning with expected and forced surprises. Plans? Who cares. I keep planning and keep updating them. Sometimes, I have to toss them out altogether.

My friend, Geeta, says that continuously take action without worrying about the outcome. Then why are we all explicitly reaching for a goal of sorts. I guess, goals are what keep us going. They are this lure to ensure actions happen.

After all, the game must go on. If stagnancy prevails, then our lines on the heart monitor will read dead. I should just make a swing from the rope instead.

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