What to do?

Photograph credit: Brandi Redd at https://unsplash.com/@brandi1

What would you do if you look within and find nothing ? Nothing. No desires. No complains. No fears. No concerns. No hopes. No regrets. No guilts. No expectations. No fantasies. No plans. Wouldn’t that scare you ? Isn’t that odd ? Finding nothing inside of you to look forward to ? To solve or to speak about? To find inspiration from or seek answers to ? What do you do if you feel hollow ? Directionless ? Lost, but not bothered that you’re lost ? Clueless, but indifferent? When not voicing your opinions is effortless? When you are ok if no one calls or messages you for days ? Because, at one point, you ignored them all and they’ve finally listened. Do you get scared and question your lack of life ? Or do you continue on, in such momentum-lacking existence ? When you’re surrounded by souls who are too broken to see your cracks.

Do I need to be this empty for higher powers to visit me and express all these truths through me, as if I’m an empty vessel ?

What do you do when you keep on staring at something as if it’s nothing ? When you continue to be appalled and then desensitized to such people’s behaviours who are deeply stuck in the layers of the worldly possessions ? Possessions of greed, impatience, judgment, making more money, collecting more things, moving more positions, posting more photos, eating more things, and attaining more powers. Where do you go to escape such surroundings ?

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