Talking to myself

Photograph courtesy: Hannah Olinger at and

Make it loud and clear. Go for that bigger, unforgiving font if you want. Don’t use words such as “I think”, “as per my opinion”, “I feel”, and the likes. If you are saying it, you are meaning it. Those added accessories of words instil doubt in the listeners and make them question everything else you say or do. Express your needs and wants in assertive, clear words. Don’t say sorry before you ask what is rightly yours. Express your likes and dislikes, both. You don’t need to get disrespectful, aggressive, or defensive to express your disagreement. Go after what you want unrelentingly. Don’t make excuses. Learn to say no in a respectful, but firm manner. Saves a lot of time ;). If you truly are confused, only then ask someone’s opinion. If you notice that you ask for too many opinions and deep down want to hear what you want to hear, get into a habit of skipping the extra step of asking for the opinion in the first place. Don’t just open your mouth and repeat or echo back what the other person is saying, unless you mean it. Staying silent or expressing your perspective are always your options. Make decisions. Any decisions. Have faith that if things go south, you are completely capable of taking care of them. Truly few things are the end of the world. Step away from the situation, literally. Ya, take that walk in icy weathers or pouring rains, if you must. Makes you realize what minuscule bubble of a situation you’re dealing with when you come across homelessness and disabilities on the street. Makes you chuckle at yourself for building such a big mountain of your phantom troubles. Plan a little, roll a little. Too much of either is insane. You’ll know when to stop and plan or when to stop the plan. Don’t let work, words, and wants sit for too long. Crises happen when they go stale. Compliment without being asked but don’t criticize unless asked. Almost always goes well. Do that thing that’s been itching you….

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