Photograph by Cristina Gottardin at

Seeking this deep, deep connection with the universe. I imagine we all exist in some parallel existences, at varying depths of our perceptions of what our existence means. The layers are so many. This feeling that I’ve traversed closer to the core from the surface, and I have some more to go. Probably will take me few more attempts as one life isn’t enough. What are we, if not souls trying to question it all at our own level? Some question the how’s of their existence, seeking food, seeking shelter, seeking safety. Some question the why’s of the existence, seeking truths, seeking meaning, seeking purposes, and eventually oneness with everything. We all get there sometime.

The key to understanding each other lies in giving the needed benefit of the doubt to those at more superficial layers than yourself, being patient with them, giving them their own time and opportunities to gain their own lessons and learnings. Watching them go through their unique journeys, helping them if they seek, not interfering if they don’t. And, in turn, looking with reverence and a sponge-like curiosity to those beyond us, who are closer to the truth than we are. Not being ashamed to follow their paths with inspirations; speaking to them and gaining understanding of the workings of their genius minds.

It’s all a matrix, this life-system. To be enjoyed, to be experienced, to be journeyed through.

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