Spring walk

Photograph by Nellia Kurme at instagram.com/nelliakurme and https://unsplash.com/@nelliakurme

What a beautiful Friday it was, this last one ! 26 degree Celsius, a light breeze, full sun, and absolutely no need for even a light cardigan. The colours of the grass, skies, and flowers were as bright as it gets. The clear sunlight was washing over everything to give it all a clean, bright, fresh sheen. There were all kinds of lilacs around, purples, wines, and whites. I walked for a good 20 minutes; it was all kinds of amazing. I noticed high school kids in their clusters just enjoying the weather (I’m typically not a fan of high school kids, but I just smiled); I saw a bunch of squirrels surrounding a Chinese man who fed them what appeared to be nuts from a bag on this little nature trail that I often take; a lady was walking her well behaved dog while yapping cheerfully with a friend on her speaker-phone. Oh, I was in pleasure mode. I wondered, no wonder people are so happy year-round in countries getting this weather much more than we do here in eastern Canada. Give me sunshine and I’ll accomplish anything with cheer. Ok, that sounds as an excuse, but would definitely heighten my chances.

As I continued the walk, I noticed spring was in full bloom. The wildest of shrubs and the grass flowers, the well trained creepers and the tulips in every colour were all presenting their best sides. The buds of every tree were sprouting their hearts out. I also noticed how the magnolia and the cherry blossoms that completely covered their trees last week had fallen off in a matter of days.

We get such a short summer. The plants make the most of it. We wake up and the grass is green. We wake up the next day and it’s all yellow with dandelions. The trees have budded and sprouted in less than a week. They are all eager to spread their seeds, to spread their roots, get stronger in this very short but very fertile and crucial period; helping them stand tall and strong, battling the iciest of Canadian winters, waiting patiently for doing this all over again. These sights, the feel of the sun and the breeze on my skin, the smells of flowers and fresh cut lawns, the sounds of the birds and the people singing, is all intoxicating. I drank it all in big inhales. Before I took my heavy footsteps back to work, I took one last, lungful inhale of the fresh, big, juicy lilacs to seal these memories in.

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