Photograph by Leon Rojas at facebook.com/apageforleonsphotos and https://unsplash.com/@ay_leon

Have you ever seen a puppy confused about what it wants to do next ? It wants to play, it plays. It needs to pee, it pees. It gets hungry, sleepy, thirsty, playful, tired, sad, excited, scared, loving, sick, etc. And you can expect a reasonable expression of all of the above. There’s no hiding of his true feelings. There is no pretence. He won’t play games where you need to guess what he wants next. You’re eating ? He’ll come, sit or stand in attention at your feet, tail wagging in anticipation and wagging quickening with increased anticipation of getting a morsel fling towards him. You come home from a long day at work and he gives you a cold shoulder? No chance. He comes running to you. Unabashedly displaying his fondness and excitement that you’re home. He doesn’t give a shit about how he looks when he is practically vibrating his head and tongue around in your welcome, when he is struggling for balance as he tries his best to reach out to your hands or face on his two hind legs, he is there, full on, fiercely celebrating you with no ounce of ego. He doesn’t care that you didn’t bother leaving your seat when he came back from his walk. He gets sleepy and there’s no delay. He starts his walk to his bed. Hops on and rests his face down, eyes slowly closing. He brings his toys to you. Even the very last remaining one that he hasn’t chewed away yet. And expects you to continue playing with him and his toy. Staring at you when you just end the play and walk away, full on displaying his state of feeling dismissed and alone as you leave. Have you ever seen a puppy pretend that he is indifferent to you leaving and continue playing himself? Not me. Learn from the puppy. Keep it simple. Go for what your heart desires. Express things as they are: direct, without fearing rejection or ridicule. A puppy is still so very dependent on us to do his thing. We are independent.

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