Do shit

Photograph: Todd Quackenbush at

Just do. Apply that face pack. Plant that mint. Pot that succulent. Wipe that mirror. Make that bed. Make that smoothie. Visit that cafe. Read that book. Soak that sun. Create that card. Paint that vase. Clear that clutter. Do that stretch. Learn that dance. Get off the phone. Just do it. When you see it. When it comes to your head. Instead of starting to plan for it or starting to push it into some kind of a list. Things important enough start to float to your RAM (random access memory) automatically in their order of urgency, once you let them. When you just be, instead of mind-numbing social media scrolling or video game pounding, you’ll never “forget” or “not feel like” doing things that need doing. Give yourself a true chance to explode through your chores that stay undone by abandoning too much planning and just going for them when you are reminded to do them. Chances are, most likely they will float to you when it’s their right time to be done. What’s required of you is to move in life with as much consciousness as possible. Be aware. Look around. There are all kinds of reminders around you. All kinds of memories will be provoked to go after that which is urgent and that which is of interest. But, not if you’re moving with your head bent low and your thumbs crab-bent on your phones. Try it.

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