Blank screens

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First sip of coffee goes deep down my food pipe. I hear the swallow and I feel the warmth travel. The laptop screen dims down, preparing to abandon me too. I abruptly balance the mug by the side of my thigh and a fold of the quilt and bring back the white screen. I showered after three days today. I am trying this new thing called “Don’t call in sick to work just because you can’t get up”. It involves a whole lot of waking up the last moment, any opportunity I get of not packing the lunch/breakfast, and mostly sleeping on the bus instead of reading or writing. Guess I need to fix the most important thing here before basic lifestyle levels could be upped to match. I also am forcing myself to stare at a blank screen and attempt to pour out myself onto it. I can tell you, it sure is helping right now. I already feel lowered mental pressures of how successful these Instagram business women are and not worrying about the lurking expectations of maintaining social bonds with friends and family members.

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