Tamara Bellis at shinyhoney.com and https://unsplash.com/@tamarabellis

First bouts of spring made me bounce off bare feet to our patio. As I stood there, eyes re-focusing in bright sunlight, I closed my eyes to feel the caramel like warm air swirling between the cool, breezy waves. It was soothing. I noticed the square vegetable garden that I had successfully started and maintained last summer, appreciating my hard work to get everything from the weeds pulled out to the border getting propped up to fresh soil brought in and the seedlings planted in. I rubbed the lengths of my arms, as if squeezing out all the pains and toxins from them. I closed my eyes again, tighter this time, as if trying to get all the toxins out of my system. I was tearing up in so much hope to feel refreshed and come alive again with the sun. This past year has been a struggle. I lied down on the patio, back up against the sun. As if roasting myself from all sides to get even exposure. I attempted to meditate. I kept asking myself what do I want. It was an amazing nap. Haha.

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