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If you can’t be a child, you can’t really be an artist. Your childish authentic self must not be checked. Someone tells you that your imagination is illogical? Well, that someone has lost at least some part of their real self and incorporated this polished aspect into their personality. They have come around to adopting a sense of right and wrong about things. But, then, what is right ? What isn’t ? Depends how you justify it. Sometimes beauty does not really lie in the eyes of the beholder. It has to be felt from the creator. Those who can even attempt to understand it, respect art. Regardless, the artist must flow. Her free will, her undefined and unique characteristics should not be fine tuned to “fit” in the “mainstream”. I can guarantee, that if given a chance, each of us can, up to or exceeding our capabilities, create wonders with our true expressions. Listen to yourself.

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