Is that why ?

As far as I remember, I filled every prominent wall of my childhood home in New Delhi, India, with wax crayons and oil pastels in shades of the entire rainbow. I see them as backdrops in a lot of my kiddy birthday party photos. As well as, grown ups are seen as formally posing in front of the same walls. Clearly, the elders weren’t embarrassed of my art work. And, I think, that has played a very important role in all my creative pursuits to date.

I usually don’t think about how silly my possessions of wax, pastel, pencil, and ink crayons look. Or how my cards end up looking like a 2 year old was guided by a very kind teacher. But, some times, a thought from that line of thinking just fleets through me. And I am sure, had my elders expressed any form of discouragement or dismissal of my silly arts and crafts as a kid, these kinds of thoughts would’ve long cleaned out my shelves of all the colourful stationery that I own. Because, due to my continued faith in my own creativity regardless of external opinions, I end up with one of the most satisfying, stress-busting activities that attempts to bring smiles around.

I think we all have it when we start out. Then some decisions are made. And a lot of us lose it along the way. Isn’t that why “adult” colouring books have been such a hit of late ? Isn’t that why we can’t resist doodling on fogged windows, dusty surfaces, and smooth, sandy beaches ?

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