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Why is it, that after vocalizing loud and clear about being someone who totally accepts herself, I still shy away from sharing parts of my true self? I know that I’m not alone when I say this. We all follow at least a bit of hypocrisy with things that touch us. The reason is, we have not fully accepted those things as true. Or, in other words, have not given these things the true place and acknowledgment. If we can’t accept it, how can we imagine others to accept it? It’s so natural for us to place ourselves in other’s shoes because ours are worn out walking on the same paths. Maybe the shoes are worn out now. Maybe we can attempt to peel them off and give ourselves that respect to accept our true parts. Regardless of sharing it or not, if we come from a place of self-acceptance, we can make a decision to share it with others or not.

2 thoughts on “Self-acceptance”

  1. Its so true… Inspite of being so closed to someone there are certain things, certain talks and certain emotional pain which can not be shared. I agree with your concept of self acceptance but sometimes i think to avoid conflicts and to maintain inner peace we let go off things unnoticed or to our semiconcious mind where they are stored but not accepted.

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    1. I think that’s a great point that I was aware but never thought about. Yes, to avoid inner chaos and to cope with pain, our mind suppressed painful memories or other uncomfortable parts of ourselves. Thanks for your comment. Very valuable ❤️.


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