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I stare out with my nose pressed on the back sliding glass door. The little pond is a disc of ice. The trees stand stark naked, with their thin wooden sticks frozen in the frame. It is -15 degree Celsius. There’s whiteness accumulated on the side of the road and the sidewalks are full of it. The shrubbery and the backyards of all the houses are covered in it, too. The houses display no activity, whatsoever. Surprisingly, the otherwise busy street has no cars passing. I’m just taking a water break from watching The Big Bang Theory, non-stop pretty much all day today. This dark, white, and so very still scene just draws me in. I get so still as I let myself stare without blinking. The stillness is calling out to me, demanding that I take a break and really listen. I stand there for a few moments, unsure if I should give in to the magical stillness or return to the fun show…… I return.

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