The universe connection


Image courtesy: Greg Rakozy @ and

I pulled out the book I’d been reading, The Origin by Dan Brown, in my short train ride. Shortly, as I continued to read, something felt as if tugging at me for attention. I tried to ignore it and pressed myself to focus on the book. Then, I decided that I better listen to this thing. I put the book away. Closed my eyes. And started looking for the thing calling me out. And I had the most incredible experience. I saw or imagined that I was in this infinite space with a butterfly net, all ready to catch that idea or question or concern or whatever it was that was calling me and resolve it. It didn’t come to me during the short, ten-minute ride. But, what I realized was that the whole space is inside me. Either inside me or that I’m connected to it simply by closing my eyes and honing my focus and have such an easy access to it. That space that I was viewing felt so at home. So natural and there was no level of fear or hesitation to be there. Just a deep reverence that I have had this power all this time and never really access it. So amazing.

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