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What gives me pleasure? Any of these please you too ?

  • A grey, gloomy snowy day off. Tucked in a cozy throw and watching videos all day long. Comforting movies, perhaps, with socks on and a hot cocoa mug on my bedside table.
  • On a thunderstorm day, getting completely drenched in the rain. Then, eating hot pakoras* followed by tea. Watching rain from the window. Observing the raindrops dripping from the leaves. Smelling the sweet smell of earth when it stops raining.
  • On a pleasant summer day, sitting on the front or back porch, blowing soap bubbles. Just soaking the sun and the green grass as I walk bare feet on the fresh grass. Observing bubbles until they either burst or disappear out of sight.
  • Sitting at peace with mom, dad, hubby, and sis, when no one is rushing away from the spot (for a change). Spending quality time where there is carefree laughter about anything and everything. Where there is absolutely no family disputes. No calling names. No undercurrents of hostility of stale family feuds. Just bliss.
  • Getting absolutely drunk with close friends and walking outside carefree. Being able to rely on them to always be around me to keep me safe. Laughing at anything and everything.
  • Creativity outbursts where I forget to eat or drink and create mini masterpieces of visual or written art. Having intense inspirations and focus to be able to create something.
  • Elaborate brunches made by me for myself and others. Having an abundance on the breakfast table. Making it appealing, healthy, as well as yum.
  • Going for long walks with hubby. Anywhere. Everywhere. Holding hands. Hiding a hand in one of his jacket pockets. Feeling out of this world connection. Trusting his directions. Just enjoying togetherness and the reassurance feelings at the back of my head that he will always be mine and by my side.
  • Lying in the grass under a tree. With the sun falling through the leaves on my face. Enjoying a break from the walking and the cool grass underneath me. Staring at the blue skies. Forgetting the dimensions of the crazy busy world for some moments. Stretching those moments as long as I want as I get absorbed in the simple yet magically still and magnificent nature above me.
  • Staring at the point of Niagara Falls where the water is just starting to fall down. Looking at the intensity of the speed of the water. Getting lost in that powerful visual and the amazing colours it has to offer.
  • Hanging laundry to dry out in the sun. Taking my time to arrange the clothes evenly. Feelings of satisfaction that the clothes will get real sunlight for a change. Loving the look of the clothes lines filled with clothes surrounding me. Studying or reading sitting in there; a make shift fort of drying clothes ! Taking them off and folding toasty, warm clothes myself. Enjoying the fresh, clean laundry detergent smell and the feel of warm clothes against my face and hands.
  • Watering plants. Growing random seeds of pulses or such and observing each day the growing tender shoots. Waiting for that first bud and getting excited as it produces the first bean with tender pulses (bean seeds).
  • Having coffee over a conversation. In my favourite mug. Or favourite coffee shop. Just a lingering conversation and enjoying every sip of the hot beverage. The smell and taste and the notion of coffee.
  • Sitting on a table that is beside a window. Just full of pillows and a book. Or no book. A hot drink. Just feeling cozy in a comfortable throw or blanket. Enjoying the view outside. Just having my own little fluff corner.
  • Going for brunches. Enjoying healthy portions that they typically offer. Coffee. Toast. Pancakes. Omelettes. Meat. Fruit. Taking my sweet time to enjoy it all. Feeling connectedness with my companion/s while we savour the breakfast.
  • Beaches. The feeling of waves washing away my sand covered body.
  • Staring out the window seat whenever traveling by car or bus or plane or train. Just staring at nothing in particular. Enjoying the motion. Loving the feeling of not being stuck in a single spot for too long.
  • A refreshing shower after sweating so much at a hot yoga class. Washing away all the tension from the body and mind. Feeling at peace. Feeling satisfied and accomplished to have rejuvenated the body.
  • Universities. Walking amongst university buildings. Sitting in libraries. Being in classrooms and in a study setting. Books. Enjoying the soul that inhabit universities. Feeling a deep need for a PhD.


*Pakora -> A deep-fried, savoury snack. The batter is almost always chickpea flour based.

4 thoughts on “Pleasure”

  1. Very beautiful written. Me also nature loving. I can sit by Niagra falls and watch for hours n hours. Me also love to sit near big glass Window n watch raining. Lord Shiva has fulfilled my this dream by bestowing us butiful house.” Going for long walks wid hubby” awesome &


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