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There’s unusual chatter around me. Actually, the chatter is usual. What’s unusual is this slight sense of indifference to it. My mind starts to make sense of where the person is coming from when they are saying what they are saying and how they are saying it. I start to chant “Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” in my mind and sort of mentally start pushing the wafts of this chant in the direction of this enraged or bitter or complaining or hopelessly negative person who is ranting on around me. I feel that as long as I’m grounded, I’m good. I mentally shove that trishul* deep in the ground and imagine having roots grounded enough to not be shaken up by just someone trying to unload their flimsiness onto me. I, instead, start to write a mental biography on that person based on however long and deep I have known them for. It’s quite fun. It has made me avoid reacting by finding myself helplessly adrift in their emotional flow. Instead, I stay calm and rationally analyze the topic at hand and the person delivering it. This also alleviates resentment or judgment for this person because you understand that their lack of being grounded has left their roots all exposed and dry and catching fire with every next emotion that floats to them. So, shove that trishul or anchor a little stronger and deeper in your ground and find your being, get quiet moments, think inwardly, have moments with no thought, do something that connects you to the universe which is something that absolutely drives you. Get grounded 😉

* trishul is a long trident that used to be carried by Lord Shiva as per Hinduism.

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