Welcome to my musings.

Most of the musings are related to metaphysical concepts; pure mind experiences which are deeply inspired by universal connections and the concepts of universality, oneness, soul-searching, analogous self-realizations, and heightened awareness states. These are found on the “Writings” section.

Other musings are more concrete, still stemming from deep callings that continue to evolve, including or excluding directions. So, a constant adding, editing, and maybe removing of content will be evident as we go along. Currently, the ideas of planet and universe sustainability, eco-friendly habits and notions, use of all-nature personal products, minimalism, creative up-cycling, and supporting businesses and practices which support all of the above are discussed. These are found on the “Sustainability” section.

Would love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, or have similar ideas that you want to share or collaborate on. Thank you !